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Ryan's Daughter - Sir David Lean

When Sir David Lean and the cast of Ryan's Daughter arrived in Dingle to start filming, it heralded the start of the Dingle Peninsula as a tourist destination. The superb cinematography and the natural beauty of the area as depicted on screen helped to make Dingle the popular holiday destination it is today. That was over 30 years ago, and since the completion of the movie, many of the cast and crew returned to Dingle on holidays, some settled here permanently. It is the sheer majesty of the landscapes and panoramic vistas that attracted the film makers, adding unique scenes to unique movies. Here is a brief history of the Peninsula's flirtation with Hollywood.

Ryan's Daughter is a 1970 film directed by David Lean. The film, set in 1916, tells the story of a married Irish woman who has an affair with a British officer during World War I, despite opposition from her nationalist neighbours. The film is a very loose adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary. The film stars Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles, John Mills, Christopher Jones, Trevor Howard and Leo McKern, with a score by Maurice Jarre. It was photographed in Super Panavision 70 by Freddie Young.

Sleahead Drive

Cast Sarah Miles as Rosy Ryan, Robert Mitchum as Charles Shaughnessy, Trevor Howard as Father Hugh Collins, John Mills as Michael, Christopher Jones as Major Randolph Doryan, Leo McKern as Tom Ryan, Barry Foster as Tim O'Leary, Gerald Sim as Captain Smith, Evin Crowley as Moureen Cassidy, Marie Kean as Mrs. McCardle, Arthur O'Sullivan as Joe McCardle, Brian O'Higgins as Constable O'Connor, Barry Jackson as a Corporal

The Irish Story - Location Hunting on the West Coast of Ireland.

The trail of "Ryan´s Daughter" & "Far and Away" - July 2004

Written and photographed by: Thomas Hauerslev

Then and now (in 2004) Did you ever hear the expression "Location Hunting"? I first came across it around 1992 when I saw a "home movie" filmed in Dunquin and Dingle, Ireland, two small towns on the west coast where David Lean had filmed "Ryan's Daughter" in 1968-69. The videotape was skilfully eirelanded as a "then and now" montage intercut with footage from the MGM film. I was intrigued to see this. It had never occurred to me that it could be interesting to see where movies had actually been made. This was a completely new and unique idea for a movie buff: travel and visit the sites of your favourite movies.

The trail of "Ryan´s Daughter" & "Far and Away" - July 2004The trail of "Ryan´s Daughter" & "Far and Away" - July 2004The trail of "Ryan´s Daughter" & "Far and Away" - July 2004

From the remote movie location on a mountaintop, to the very edge of the west coast - join me searching for film traces and memorabilia - which can still be found in many places. See the image gallery of the world's most beautiful and fantastic 70mm movie location, the fictional town of "Kirrary" and the School House, do not miss the Cliffs of Moher, library of Dingle, Tig Slea Head & Coumeenole Beach, Kruger's Bar and Guesthouse in Dunquin, Inch beach and, at the Fahan group beehives. ...../..... Click here to read more.

The trail of "Ryan´s Daughter" & "Far and Away" - July 2004

This above information was sourced from and provided to courtesy of Thomas Hauerslev. Republication of the extract or any part therin, in any form or capacity, is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the publishers. ©

Ryan's Daughter - (1970)

Directed by Sir David Lean

Starring Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles, Trevor Howard, John Mills, Christopher Jones

A wildly cinematic experience, featuring Oscar-winning cinematography that takes in much of the Dingle Peninsula. Unabashedly sentimental tale about a pampered, indulged, married woman (Sarah Miles) and her desire for a British soldier (Christopher Jones). Mitchum plays her schoolteacher-husband with a strength that highlights the film. The splendid John Mills won an Oscar for his portrayal of a crippled mute in the movie.

Copyright - Michael Fairchild Photography

Ryan's Daughter - (1970) Directed by Sir David Lean

Selected Awards: Oscars 1970: Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor (Mills for his portrayal of Michael); Golden Globe Awards 1971: Best Supporting Actor (Mills); National Board of Review Awards 1970: 10 Best Films of the Year

School House Ryan's Daughter - (1970) Directed by Sir David Lean

Ryan's Daughter - (1970) Directed by Sir David Lean

Ryan's Daughter - (1970) Directed by Sir David Lean

Ryan's Daughter, Also Known As (AKA)
La hija de Ryan Argentina / Peru / Spain
A Filha de Ryan Brazil / Portugal
La fille de Ryan Canada (French title) / France
Ryans Tochter Austria / West Germany
Ryans datter Denmark / Norway (original subtitled version)
Ryans dotter Finland (imdb display title) (Swedish title) / Sweden
Bito Shel Ryan Israel (Hebrew title)
Córka Ryana Poland
I kori tou Ryan Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Irlandali kiz Turkey (Turkish title)
La figlia di Ryan Italy
Michael's Day UK (working title)
Rayanova kæi Croatia
Ryan lánya Hungary (imdb display title)
Ryanin tytär Finland
Ryanova dcéra Czechoslovakia (Slovak title)
Ryanova dcera Czechoslovakia (Czech title)

Far and Away - (1992)

Directed by Ron Howard

Starring Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Colm Meaney, Robert Prosky

Ron Howard's epic tale tells the story of two Irish immigrants' quest for land during the 1890s Oklahoma land rush. Tom Cruise stars as Joseph Donnelly, an ambitious young farmer in western Ireland. When a local protest against wealthy landlord Daniel Christie (Robert Prosky) results in the death of his father, Joseph seeks revenge. The first twenty five minutes of the film were filmed entirely in the West Kerry area. Joseph's attempt at vengeance is thwarted by Shannon Christie (Nicole Kidman), the landlord's high-spirited and headstrong daughter, who stabs Joseph with a pitchfork. While convalescing at the Christies' manor, Joseph is propositioned by Shannon, who asks him to travel with her to America--where she is determined to acquire some of the free land being given away in the Oklahoma Territory. Arriving in Boston, Joseph acts as protective brother to Shannon in the foreign city streets as they struggle to earn the money to travel out west.

Far and Away - Set

The Field - (1993)

Directed by My Left Foot's Jim Sheridan

Starring Richard Harris, John Hurt, Tom Berenger, Sean Bean Richard Harris was nominated for several awards (including the Oscar and Golden Globe) for his performance in The Field. Set in the the mid-1930s in western Ireland. For many years rugged and cranky farmer Bull McCabe (Harris) has been cultivating a small plot of rented land, nurturing it from barren rock into a fertile field. Now, however, the widow who owns the land plans to sell it at auction. The raging Bull shows up at the bidding, believing none of his neighbors will dare bid against him. But he has not taken into consideration a wealthy Irish-American played byTom Berenger, who has plans to use the field to bring new industry to the area. Punctuating the storyline are the periodic appearances of John Hurt's toothless village idiot. Originally produced for British television, The Field was based on the play by Kerry writer John B. Keane, and was based loosely on a murder that occurred in the area, during the 1930's.

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