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Dingle Ocean World Aquarium

Destination Dingle, Ireland

The Seafront, Dingle, Co Kerry - Tel: 066 9152111

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium offers a unique underwater experience. Our Amazing Amazon Display features deadly Piranha! Catfish, Pacu as well as many tropical fresh water species. Our main attraction is our state of the art Shark Tank where you get the chance to come face to face with the most feared creatures of the sea .SHARKS. Our New Native Deep water tank is home to larger species from our Irish waters. At our Touch Tank you will get a chance to hold a starfish and stroke the friendly rays. Walk through our 9m Underwater Tunnel Tank where you can gaze in awe as a multitude of fish swim overhead. Seahorses, Molly the Turtle, "Nemo" the clownfish and much much more.

Tickets are multi entry and can be used for the entire day. Weekly & Yearly tickes also available. Browse through our outstanding Gift Shop & relax in our Coffee Shop overlooking Dingle Harbour. is a useful resource for kids wanting to learn more about the sea and Dingle Oceanworld with Fungie the Dingle Dolphin guiding you through the ocean education area. So go with Fungie on a journey of discovery and click on the weblink below to find out more. Tours & activities for kids during Summer season. Birthday Parties catered for all year. Refreshments can be got at the cafe and a large selection of gift ideas can be bought at our shop.

Dingle Ocean World - Aquarium Ocean World Tour

Ocean Tunnel: Walk through our under water experience and see the fish swimming above and all around you. This is quite simply a marvelous experience as you come eye to fin with the amazing sea life in the tank. The large fish in this tank are our conger eels, in the Ocean Tunnel you will also encounter species such as Pollock, crawfish, plaice, turbot and cod.

Wave Tank & Rock Pool: Our Wave tank has a continual wave motion to stimulate natural conditions for it's inhabitants who are commonly caught by fishermen off our coast. Her you can find trout, bass, bib and turbot. The waves of this tank lap at the rockpool. Many creatures live in the rockpool with its rocky shores and adverse conditions. Some of the sea life in this tank are edible sea urchins, starfish, velvet swimming crab, hermit crabs. Rockpools are also home to brightly coloured sea anemones.

Touch Pool: One of the highlights to our Aquarium is our Touch Pool, where you get a chance to interact with all types of fish. Get a chance to hold a starfish and learn amazing facts about how it lives, stroke the rays and flat fishan experience they seem to enjoy and they will often return to be petted again. Other fish in this tank which you can interact with are box crabs which are the largest crabs to live off the Irish coast, monkfish and skate. The flatfish have a very effective camoflage and they can bury themselves in the sand to avoid being eaten by predators.

Shark Tank & Tropical coral Reef Display: In our state of the art Tropical reef display is home to 8 Tropical Reef SHARKS - 4 Blacktip and 4 Whitetip Reef Sharks. These sharks are not man eating, but certainly look the part with large powerful jaws and protruding teeth. You can experience up close the sharks as they swim through the beautiful colourful Coral Reefs. Around the reefs are thousands of tropical fish. The warm water of this tank is the perfect environment for our Loggerhead Turtles, these turtles were washed up on the Irish coast, cold and lost, having come from warmer waters of the gulf Stream. Staff here at the aquarium have nursed the turtles back to full health and will soon be released back into the wild.

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